Dolphin Network is a fully decentralized, the NFT MarketPlace for Meme tokens.

Our team is top-notch and the project advisors are by a moonshot best in the blockchain

About Dolphin Token - DOLP

DOLP is not just a Meme coin, but also an NFT Marketplace where users can create NFT memes and trade on the Marketplace.

NFT Farm

DOLP Token has an innovative NFT Farm where you can stake DOLP tokens or partner tokens to earn beautiful NFTs! When you stake your tokens, you earn points which can be used to select the NFTs you’d like. There will be many more NFTs uploaded over time, including tons from our partners! So it’s a good idea to start staking your tokens right away and start earning points. As we form new partnerships, you will also have the ability to earn NFTs from different Binance Smart Chain coins you might hold. Our Dolphin Bank is stuffed with benefits for you to enjoy

Dolphin Swap

Dolphin Swap is our official decentralized exchange (DEX). It gives holders the ability to swap any BEP20 token for another one. It is powered by PancakeSwap, the safest and most trusted DEX in the world. Furthermore, it acts as the foundation from which we will build additional features and functionality exclusive to DOLP holders.

Dolphin NFT Marketplace

Dolphin MarketPlace - Where you can create, buy and sell meme NFT


Q1, 2021

- Concept & community building
- Project brainstorming
- Team and advisors formation
- Tokenomics and Protocol design

Q2, 2021

- Launch Dolphin Network on BSC
- Airdrop DOLP Token to the community
- Partnership, Marketing, Branding
- PancakeSwap Listing
- Smart contract audit
- CoinGecko Listing
- Coinmarketcap Listing
- Coinbase Listing

Q3, 2021

- Dolphin Farming launch
- Dolphin Staking launch
- Dolphin Swap V1

Q4, 2021

- Dolphin NFT Marketplace launch
- Listed on 4 Major Exchanges

Q1, 2022

- Dolphin SDK
- Dolphin Treasury
- Mobile App init
- Dolphin SDK
- Dolphin Treasury
- Mobile App init

Q2, 2022

- Dolphin Bridge (TBD)
- NFT Baskets
- Dolphin Debit Card
- Dolphin Basket (Dynamic)
- Dolphin Client

Q3, 2022

- Dolphin Banking
- Dolphin Borrow
- Dolphin Lending


Dolphin Network was founded by a 3-person team that has since expanded into 20+ community managers with expertise in marketing and product development. Feel free to say ``Hi!`` 👋 on Telegram.

Dolphin Man

Co-Founder | Head of Operations

Dolphin Dev

Co-Founder | Lead Developer

Dolphin Color

Co-Founder | Lead Marketing




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